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Original drawing in ink dated 1932 signed Roger Roy and autographed . caricature 20 th century

ARLUS 3-light arm luminaire 1950

Sun clock ODO electronic movement

Original drawing by SEM

Original drawing by RIS with dedication dated 24/12/1927

Lithograph umbrellas and delphinium after Bernard Buffet mounted on canvas

Pair of cast iron andirons 19 em Viollet le duc Gothic design


Camera voigtlander vitomatic III cs

very thin pillbox in corozo decorated with a gallant scene

shinto katana signed Fujiwara 冨士原

French céramic 1950/60 les 2 potiers

Art deco. large glass bowl with naiad decoration

French ceramics 1950/60 . Plate by Lurçat edition salins France

French ceramics 1950/60 Picasso plate by Salins

Surgical tool 19 em. Wrought iron lithotome

Berger lamp by Camille Tharaud and its porcelain advertising display stand

Bitossi. Ceramic owl by Aldo Londi

Vintage 1970/80 stainless steel luminaire by RAAK

French céramic 1950/60 les deux potiers vase pitcher with glaze blue black signed

vacuum pouch in Murano glass

A radio brand heterodyne controls Lyon rare and very design Original dial In very good condition Missing lamps

Foliage light from the Jansen house dating from the 1950's and 60's

French art deco ceramics. Elchinger Jean Garillon. Small ceramic with pearly and cracked glaze.

Stainless steel metal desk lamp by Maria Pergay

Bamboo art. Asian of bamboo weaving. Asian buffalo in bamboo braiding . Splitting the air

French ceramics 1950/60 . Anthropomorphic jug with milky glaze by J Pouchain from the Dieulefit workshops.

Large orange yellow vintage Murano vase from the 70's

French ceramics 1950/60 art deco cracked cornet lamp by Jean besnard

French ceramics 1950/60 . large pitcher with brown-black patina by Jean Marais

French ceramics 1950/60 - Pitcher by marius Bessone a vallauris

French ceramic 1950/60.Large ceramic jug for the dieulefit workshop

French ceramic 1950/60. zoomorphic ceramic by Jacques Pouchain for the dieulefit workshop

Crucifix 17th century. Christ polychrome folk art

Viollet Le Duc , medieval iron cast axe 19 eme

French céramic 1950/60 signed Michel et Nicole Anasse

Daguerreotype a la demoiselle

Rare christ of the Congo of the 17th century/ african crucifix 17 eme

collection pneumatic tattooing machine

Large Brass 19 eme Tea Box from Indian Counters

French céramic 1950/60 table signed R Capron

Sword katana signed FUJIWARA

Casket monoxyl with taluté roof of dentellière or popular art beginning 16 eme high epoch

Work of convict of Toulon , seditious pyrogen to judge and prosecutor stand the sleeve and sword


High Epoch XV century, medieval casket a missel 15 eme century skeleton lock a moraillon

Asian art

Ming Asian Art Temple Guardian Gilt Bronze

French céramic 1950/60 signed Kassianoff

French céramic 1950/60 signed Cloutier Robert and Jean

bronze signed François Léon Sicard

parasite wood rose statue

French céramic 1950/60 Les deux potiers , Jacques Serre. large ceramic bowl with turquoise blue/green/brown glaze

French céramic 1950/60 Jacques Pouchain . Ceramic dish from Dieulefit workshops with psychedelic dove

French céramic 1950/60 Jacques Pouchain. Magnificent ceramic dish decorated with a psychedelic ram. Ateliers Dieulefit

French céramic 1950/60 les 2 potiers small cup empty pocket

French céramic superb 1930s ceramic antelope Denbac

Dinanderie of art , photophore of Jonathan soulié. gold a la feuille

Wood french popular bottle

french ceramique

Rolleiflex SL66

Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss

10 pieces gold napoléon 10 francs

20 gold francs Napoleon III

Casket has value or wooden trunk and wrought iron in piétement Gothic the fine 15th 16th beginning high time(period)

snuff box 18èem

Salt cellar black ceramic pepperpot and orange, Italian design of the years 60/70

Door loads(marks) popular art black forest in the theme of the hunting has courre by 1900

Inkwell bear of black forest

Sweet box Cléopatre ROBJ china of bets Art déco

Big worked smoked glass Art deco vase in a hurry(vase pressed) has the grindstone signed Legras

Vase(Mud) has glass molded signed tier in a hurry(tier pressed) Muller and brother has Lunéville has floral decoration(s

Casket has value or has tithe 18 eme

tsuba EDO period

Guide of singing(song) Kasriel

ladle has water or has milk

Wood french popular bottle

2 bronzes according Auguste Moreau


Drum of one-armed rural policeman

Art Nouveau piece of haberdashery